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Welcome to our Brain Center! We work to treat diseases and disorders of the brain and central nervous system through functional neurology. Commonly described as brain-based physical rehabilitation, functional neurology is a revolutionary approach to natural healing. Your brain is designed to expand as it develops and responds relative to your internal and external environments. By assessing the specific neurological condition of a patient, we are able to treat that patient using non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical therapies.

The functional neurological examination and assessment are similar to that of medical neurologists; however, the treatment style is much different. Functional neurologists use specific one-sided stimulations and coupled chiropractic adjustments to rehabilitate brain-based neurologic conditions. Various patients with diseases and physiological problems can benefit from this approach. People seek functional neurologists for treatment of a variety of conditions, including autism, Asperger’s syndrome, attention deficit disorder (ADD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), Tourette’s syndrome, dyslexia, dyscalculia, strabismus, brain injury, vertigo, motion sickness, dizziness, resting and intention tremors, Parkinson’s disease, and Parkinson syndromes.

A functional neurologist’s goal is to integrate all of the brain’s sensory activities into an orderly system. Today, thanks in a great part to the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies,chiropractic’s neurological foundation is deeper, wider, and stronger than ever. The functional neurologist has a unique calling to both study and skill, and has developed a superior knowledge of neurology, the application of which is done without drugs or surgery. That standard enables them to better care for their patients and become referral sources for neurological diagnosis.

Many of our patients have been through years of other types of care and recovery, but have struggled to live within the limits imposed on them by their injuries. It is the hope of Dr. Lakernick and the Lakernick Brain center that we can help you improve on those limitations and thereby improve your quality of life. We cannot make any promise of cure or improvement. After a careful intake process and examination, our clinical staff will discuss treatment options with you and if there is a reasonable expectation of some degree of clinical improvement, offer you the option of continuing under our care.


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Dr. Lakernick studied under the father of Functional Neurology, Dr. Ted Carrick, to fully understand the amazing techniques still used today.

A special feature on the father of Functional Neurology Frederick Robert “Ted” Carrick

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