Chiropractic Care – Initial Consultation, Spinal Screening, & Spinal Screening Adjustment – Ask about Monthly Specials

We offer state of the art Chiropractic Care. This is performed Nationally acclaimed Chiropractor, Dr. Stuart Lakernick. In addition to his degree in Chiropractic, he is a professor at Burlington County College, where he teaches Anatomy and Physiology. He also holds a degree in Neurology. This gives him a unique perspective when evaluating a patient. Instead of just looking at the orthopedics of a joint, He takes into consideration, the neurology of the situation.

In addition Dr. Lakernick has specialized in helping patients with vertigo.

Massage Therapy

We offer Massage Therapy. This is performed by four of the leading therapists in the region. All our therapists are licensed by the Pennsylvania Board of Massage Therapy. There are always two therapists on staff daily.

ION CLEANSE DETOX Package of 5 only $100 or  $25 per 30 minute session.